Children Affected by Violence and How to Help Them

A report by Save the Children detailed that the number of children living in countries facing conflict grew 20% in 2020 to just under 200 million from the 162 million recorded only a year prior. The amount of children in dangerous living conditions has not been this high since 2008 , where the number reached a record at 208 million.  Many children live near armed groups and government forces that recruit and utilize children as soldiers, as reported in the “Stop the War on Children: A Crisis of Recruitment. ” Approximately 337 million children live in these inhumane conditions, putting them in danger of being exploited and forcefully recruited to fight. Conflicts in Afghanistan, Nigeria, Yemen and Mozambique have contributed to the number of at risk children, and the number is expected to rise as more political conflict unfolds across the world.    However, war and conflict are not the only issues that have negatively affected children.  Human-trafficking, especially of children, i